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Sprint Express


Marine transport is an industry branch which makes no compromises. Unstable weather conditions in the open sea make the reliability of a marine fleet a necessity. Thus, Sprint Express finds a place for itself here too. In case of a need for spare parts or repair kits, especially in the remote locations of the Old Continent, our services are at hand, ensuring record time of deliveries to all European ports.


We track the route of a given ship and its time of reaching the shore to deliver goods directly to on board as soon as possible. Not only do we visit the Gibraltar Peninsula but also Norwegian coast on the far North of Europe. We reach the windy islands of Scotland and sunny Sicily – any location where the need arises. Every new challenge uplifts us and offers us priceless experience. We are also able to deliver indispensable parts to nearly any part of the world using air transport. And, most importantly, you can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Spare parts and service constitute an integral part of the activity of every machine, device and subassembly manufacturer, especially in terms of those specialist ones. Here, our service can be applied adequately and most effectively. We ship spare parts in record time all around Europe in order to minimise production stoppage and prevent unnecessary cost related to it. The solution is dedicated to companies providing service and spare parts as a part of both their product warranty and post-warranty service. We know perfectly what the customer service at the highest level means and we are glad to contribute to the strong support of your services.