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Sprint Express

FASHION TRANSPORT - Garment on Hangers (GOH)

The fashion industry is demanding, as it is created by people who desire continuous evolution; not only do they strive for change, but also for development.
Thus, for several years we have been keeping up with them – a suit is transported directly from a clothing factory to a hanger in a boutique located two thousand kilometers away. For the same reason, every year new collections are always delivered with the highest precision, and clothing factories are supplied with materials and patterns.
    Fashion is our way of living. Is it yours as well?


A quickly developing industry, dynamic market and constantly evolving customer needs require flexibility of logistic entities. Fashion Logistics is above all a clearcut answer to all difficult questions of the fashion market. Sprint Express aids at all stages of the activity of couture houses, clothing factories and designers. Starting from deliveries of materials, patterns and any supplemental elements to finished products delivered to boutiques and waiting for their new owners.

Each car is adapted to the transportation of garments on hangers. A modern fleet and solutions developed thanks to many years of experience make us pioneers in transportation of garments on hangers in Europe. We are aware of the specificity of the textile market, which is why we perfectly understand our partners’ needs. Are you looking for reliable transportation solutions? Contact us. We are professionals too.