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Sprint Express


A crisis situation is, in general, a surprise for a company; it occurs in the least expected moment, despite preventive measures often taken. We are prepared for such situations, as we have developed an effective way of jumping into action. Our solutions are tailored to your needs. You can trust us with your orders and expect us to perform them in precisely the way you want us to with ease and confidence.
    Point-to-point! Just-in-time!


Since the very beginning of our company in 1999, we have been striving to, above all, establish a trustworthy brand. Precision is the foundation for our activity. It is present not only in the transportation itself, but also in the service, image and, in particular, customer relationship.
You have the opportunity to cooperate with a team of friends, full of passion and engagement. The devotion to what we do builds our mutual trust. Express deliveries constitute a great part of our activity; and this is where infallibility is essential. Yet, we also realise periodic deliveries of goods of special purpose.

We transport high-value or fragile goods, as well as those of no material value, still of a great significance for an owner, such as documents containing personal data. We transport paintings and other works of art for vernissages and exhibitions.
We freight glassware and lightning apparatus, which obviously cannot be transshipped. What constitutes a characteristic feature of our services is the fact that a particular car is dedicated to your needs, so that we can be sure that once a car is closed, the goods will be unloaded only at their destination.