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Sprint Express


We operate in the aerospace industry, as we identify ourselves with Aviation Valley, which we share roots with. The industrial zones of Podkarpackie province gather the largest manufacturers of parts and units for aircrafts; thus, our service was established as a response to their needs and requirements.
    Firma pełna innowacji!


The new fleet, equipped with air suspension minimising vibrations and an ultralight authorial cab, was created bearing in mind the fragile parts of engines and turbines, which require special treatment. The reliability and safety of our solutions are a result of dedicated service, where all attention is focused on a given enterprise. Goods secured in a car during loading are only unloaded in the place of delivery, which excludes the risk of damage likely to happen during transshipment and sorting that constitute a part of a regular supply chain.

Time of carrying goods in the dedicated transportation is competitive with any other means of road transport. A specific service requires substantial solutions; this allows us to develop constantly. Therefore, it was a natural step forward to expand our services so that they cover all of Europe, without limiting them to the import and export solely on the Polish market. We are able to handle not only periodic deliveries from any point of the Old Continent but also single orders at request. Every day we visit numerous countries, which results in better accessibility and availability. Our service is tailored to your needs. Contact us.